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Oh honey, you didn’t even know me when you knew me.

I’m inappropriate, I always say the wrong thing.

"Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are. And where you wanna be. And sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself.”

Nina Dobrev for Femina Magazine

get to know me meme: [4/20] favorite fictional characters → katherine pierce

"Call it pride or vanity, but after the life that I’ve lead, I refuse to drift off into the sunset."

So how long exactly does it take to get over the himym finale?

Hey, Ted said that right before the accident, his life flashed before his eyes.You know, all the stuff he loves. Did that happen to you?

You’re a Waldorf, remember? People don’t tell you who you areyou tell them. 


Sometimes the only thing left to do is wrap your arms around each other one last time and then just… let go.

Gossip Girl - September 19, 2007- December 17, 2012

tv meme  five tv shows
(1/5) PRETTY LITTLE LIARS:  “You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you’re always better off with a really good lie.”