how is the pll fandom "hypocritical"


Okay sit down kids it’s story time. 

Let’s see, everyone hates on Aria for only talking about or having scenes with Ezra, yet when she gets a new story line or does something else, they still hate her. At the same time that they praise the lord every time Emily talks about or pines over Alison. 

They worship Alison who is a disgusting character and is supposed to be hated, but yet they hate Aria who hasn’t even done anything remotely related to the shit that Alison has done to anyone. 

They ship Spoby and Haleb and Emison and hate Ezria even though Toby is never around, joined the -A team and faked his own death which sent Spencer spiraling out of control, and his apology was basically just having sex with her. They hate Ezria but ship Haleb even though Hanna and Caleb’s relationship started the “same” way Ezria’s did, Caleb was spying on Hanna for Mona but the fandom seems to let that one slip by unnoticed. They ship Emison but hate Ezria even though Alison has played Emily for years, and then also faked her death and watched it all happen and then magically comes back and is in love with Emily again? They forget all of this and find things Ezra did to hate on. 

They think Ezria reconciled and had sex too fast even though they praised the lords over that Spoby sex scene which happened RIGHT after Spencer found out Toby faked his death for the sake of the -A team. 

There are more examples but i think i made a solid point….

Mostly, they irrationally hate certain characters just because they are certain characters. That is this fandom’s problem. 


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This mental patient may just be my new favorite character.

zach roerig taking ian somerhalder’s surfboard

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"Hollywood is a challenging place; it’s very easy for people to lose their heads. Fortunately, I grew up on it and I think I have a little bit of a head start.